Recognizing the significance of safeguarding intellectual property, we ensure it remains unclaimed until you assert your rights. Our dedication to copyright protection means we actively secure these rights on your behalf. Furthermore, we facilitate the clearance of third-party content permissions, ensuring lawful use in your manuscript. This is our approach to maintaining copyright compliance and safeguarding your creative endeavors.

Library of Congress Copyright Registration

On your behalf, we will facilitate your content registration with the Library of Congress Copyright Office. This formal registration process is critical in establishing your legal claim to the content. It provides incontrovertible proof of ownership and is a powerful tool for safeguarding your work against unauthorized use or infringement. By securing this registration, we ensure that your intellectual property rights are recognized and enforceable, offering you robust protection in copyright law.

Copyright Permission for Content and Images

We meticulously secure the appropriate copyright permissions before integrating any content or visuals into your publication. This ensures that all materials are used legally and ethically. Our team's comprehensive research and permission acquisition process guarantees that your work adheres to copyright laws and honors the original creators' rights.

Key Features and Processes

Comprehensive Approach

We adopt a thorough approach to copyright protection, covering all content, images, and related materials to ensure complete adherence to copyright laws and regulations.

Legal Assurance

We are dedicated to ensuring that your publication complies with copyright laws, thereby reducing the possibility of infringement and safeguarding your authorial rights.

Tranquility Assured

Entrust your intellectual property to Linus Learning for assured protection. Our focus on copyright enforcement is your guarantee that your creative endeavors are secure and their originality maintained.
I want to acknowledge the continued support of the staff at Linus Books. The people at Linus have provided encouragement throughout my work. They have not been only colleagues, but true friends.
Christopher Brooks

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