Dr. Simin Nasseri

KSU Distinguished Professor

Dr. Simin Nasseri is a distinguished professor within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Kennesaw State University (formerly Southern Polytechnic State University). Holding a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the esteemed Sydney University in Australia, Dr. Nasseri brings over twenty-five years of combined academic and industrial expertise to her field. Her extensive contributions span various domains, from securing numerous patents to authoring an array of book chapters, journal articles, and conference papers.

Dr. Nasseri’s research interests encompass a wide spectrum, including Rheology and viscoelasticity, Biomechanical engineering (with a focus on orthotics, artificial organs, and soft tissue rheology), Manufacturing engineering, Polymer processing, Computational mechanics, Robotics, and Micromachinery. Her multifaceted background extends beyond academia, with hands-on experience in design and manufacturing, complemented by her role as the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) faculty advisor since 2006.

Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Nasseri has demonstrated a passion for teaching, having instructed numerous courses covering engineering mechanics, design, manufacturing, programming, and more. Her dedication to excellence has earned her numerous prestigious awards and fellowships, highlighting her significant contributions to the field of Mechanical Engineering.