Interactive Content

Interactive Content

Welcome to eLinus Interactive Content, where learning comes to life through immersive experiences and hands-on exploration. Our simulations offer a dynamic and interactive way to engage with complex concepts, allowing students to deepen their understanding, develop critical thinking skills, and apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Explore the diverse range of simulations available on eLinus, each meticulously designed to enhance learning outcomes and foster curiosity and discovery.


Immerse your students in hands-on exploration with our interactive simulations. Engage with dynamic models, conduct virtual experiments, and visualize complex phenomena in real time with our simulations department. This will deepen your students’ understanding and spark further curiosity in the material.


Dive into our extensive library of educational videos, meticulously curated to complement the content. From captivating lectures to in-depth demonstrations, our videos provide visual explanations reinforcing key concepts and igniting your curiosity.


Make learning fun with educational games designed to challenge and inspire. From trivia quizzes to interactive puzzles, we will work with you to create games that entertain, reinforce learning objectives, and spark your competitive spirit.

Example Simulation

About Mathematics

Imagine you're exploring the world of mathematics through our interactive simulation based on the book "About Mathematics." In this simulation, you'll delve into the pages of the book using QR codes that connect you to dynamic content and activities designed to enhance your understanding of mathematical concepts.

As you flip through the pages of "About Mathematics," you'll encounter QR codes strategically placed within the text. Simply scan these QR codes with your mobile device to unlock a world of interactive learning:

  1. Page 2: Panel 1.1.1: A Wheel of Regular Polygons
    Scan it to unlock a virtual exploration of polygonal shapes, where you can rotate, resize, and manipulate polygons to understand their properties and relationships. Discover the symmetry, angles, and characteristics of different polygons as you interact with them in a dynamic environment.

  2. Page 3: Panel 1.1.2: Brick Walls
    Scan it to access a virtual brick wall builder, where you can experiment with different brick layouts, patterns, and arrangements. Explore concepts of symmetry, tessellation, and spatial reasoning as you design and construct your own virtual brick walls, discovering the mathematical principles behind their structure.

Types of Simulations


Streamline your scientific simulation courses by centralizing all materials, assignments, and resources within a single, accessible hub. eLinus LMS offers seamless navigation and straightforward interfaces, enhancing the management of simulation-based coursework and freeing you to concentrate on the core aspect of education—facilitating learning through simulation.


Unlock the power of mathematics with our interactive simulations. Dive into algebra, calculus, geometry, and more as you engage with dynamic models, solve challenging problems, and explore mathematical relationships in real-time. Our simulations provide a hands-on approach to learning mathematics, making abstract concepts more tangible and accessible to students.


Experience the principles of engineering through our collection of simulations. From structural analysis and fluid dynamics to electrical circuits and mechanical systems, our simulations allow students to design, test, and optimize engineering solutions, preparing them for careers in STEM fields and beyond.

Language Learning

Augment your language learning simulation curriculum with diverse multimedia elements, all smoothly incorporated into the eLinus LMS framework. Integrate instructional videos, dynamic language simulations, and multimedia tools directly into your instructional flow, boosting student interaction and understanding.

What Makes Our Approach Unique


Simulations provide an immersive and interactive learning experience that captures students' attention and promotes active participation.


Visualizing concepts through simulations helps students grasp abstract ideas more easily and develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Critical Thinking

Engaging with simulations encourages students to think critically, analyze data, and make informed decisions, fostering the development of problem-solving skills and analytical reasoning.
In the digital realm, education isn't confined to the four walls of a classroom; it's an immersive experience that transcends boundaries.
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