Instructor Center

Instructor Center

Welcome to the Instructor Center! Our goal at Linus Learning is to maximize the educational experience by making learning more engaging and teaching more impactful. This center has been designed to revolutionize content delivery via online and paper solutions to best suit your needs as an instructor.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our intuitive Learning Management System (LMS) is your central hub for accessing course materials, tracking students' progress, and communicating with them closely. You can seamlessly navigate your teaching with user-friendly interfaces and powerful tools at your fingertips.

Interactive Content

If you develop a textbook with us, QR codes embedded within our textbooks and courses unlock a treasure trove of additional resources and interactive content. Simply scan the codes with your mobile device to access supplementary materials, quizzes, and more, enriching your learning experience with a scan.


Deliver bite-sized learning modules that focus on specific topics or concepts, allowing students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. Microlearning breaks down complex ideas into digestible chunks, making learning more accessible, flexible, and manageable for students and expanding their attention span.

AI Assistant

Embark on your educational adventure with your own AI Companion. Benefit from tailored suggestions, immediate responses, accurate results, and enjoy conversational interactions that deepen your insights and make content improvement much easier.

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What Makes Our Approach Unique


Seamlessly integrate eLinus features within your textbooks and courses, ensuring a cohesive and enriching teaching experience.


From interactive simulations to educational games, eLinus seeks to foster engagement and active participation, making teaching enjoyable and effective.


With personalized learning paths and AI-driven recommendations, eLinus adapts to students' learning styles and preferences.
Linus published my manuscript on Middle Egyptian Grammar. Their painstaking attention to detail–such as the formatting Egyptian hieroglyphics–resulted in a greatly improved manuscript. They added specially-designed page headers and exquisite cover designs. For these and other reasons, I would highly recommend Linus for scholars…
Allison Sauls

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